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A Unique website with great design and functionality generates great business for the company. If you want to attract the right kind of customer’s, all you need to focus on your web design, especially the user-friendly navigation, error free coding, multi-device compatibility and SEO friendly. For your website to be unique to your needs, you need a company that not only understands web design, but also one that will give you an award winning website and support. Vismaad Labs (web designing company in India) is one company that you can rely on to offer you quality and high quality services.

Factors we focus on

User-friendliness Navigation is one of the most important factors in your website. We strive to make your website easy to access. While many of the other website designing company in Ludhiana, Punjab, India focus on creating fancy websites, we focus on simplicity and uniqueness. That is, we ensure that your clients can easily access the complete website and all the features.
Logo design Another important aspect of web design is the logo design. We understand the importance of having a branded logo design, which you can incorporate it into the website and apply for trademark ownership. Your customers need to recognize the brand of the company. With a good logo design, you will be able to gain the confidence of the customers.
The content Many of your visitors will be interested in reading about your website in detail. Our writers therefore, focus on creating high quality content for your readers. We are also focusing on the keywords while writing content, as this helps you in getting better ranking on the search engines.


Our criteria

We understand that every project is unique and require special attention. That is why we have criteria that we follow to ensure that you get exactly, what you need for empowering your business
The analysis: The first thing that we do is analyze the project. Our team will create a strategy. This is where, we evaluate the potential market and the type of products and services that you are going to offer. At this stage, we do the website comparison and content marketing. The quality content you use on your website is what helps you in getting the quality traffic to your website.
The strategy: Our team studies the niche of your website, that is what your website is all about. Before making the final draft, we will evaluate your requirements, compare the competitor’s websites and research the market related to your services. You can be rest assured that your website will be SEO friendly.
The design: The final step in web design will the actual designing. Here at Vismaad Labs, we ensure that your website is compatible with all the browsers. We ensure that your website stands out by including unique graphics.
Testing: Before we deliver the website, we will ensure that we give it a trial run. We will do the functional testing, the site loading performance and the database performance. We also perform compatible with the different browsers/ devices. The creativity of our team and the experience is what makes us the best website design and development company. We focus on quality and not quantity and we ensure that we deliver the projects in the agreed time period.

Responsive Web Design

This is for sure that Responsive Web Design is very necessary and important for today’s web design point of view. Use of smart phones and tablets rapidly increases, so you must have good knowledge on the importance of mobile-friendly websites. Due to lot of users of Smartphone’s and tablets the designed techniques of website also changed. Before the feature of advanced web browsing feature in smart phones, web designers had only one main challenge to deal with maintaining the same look of their websites. However, browsing the websites on smart phones and tablets is different from the same thing doing on a desktop. Like Click versus Touch, Size of the screen is different, Pixel-resolution is also different, support for Adobe’s flash player. If SEO is the backbone of your digital marketing technique, having a mobile–friendly website is mandatory. Because mobile sale is greater than desktop sales, and use of the internet via mobile is also greater than the use of internet through the desktop. So because of all the above reasons for responsive web designing services are very necessary for attractive to the people
Advantages of responsive design
Responsive designed sites are like liquid, which means the content in the website moves easily over all screen resolutions and all devices like cell phones and tablets etc.
Another advantage is cost effective because a single website comforts your all needs you don’t need a separate website for desktop and the mobile and single website cost less than two.
The main advantage of responsive design is that it is also recommended by Google, because the responsive design has one URL and the same HTML, for all the devices, which makes it simple, easier and more productive for Google to organize the content.
Having separate websites for desktop and mobile requires separate SEO campaign for both sites. So it is easy and less time consuming to manage and SEO for one side instead of two sites.