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Mobile App Developing Mistakes that can fail your App!
08 MAY 2018

High page speed and good Meta tags for On-page optimization by Vismaad Labs

On-page optimization is a crucial part of Search Engine Optimization. It includes the practices that should be performed before launching a website on the Internet. It also includes some activities, associated with adding new content, images, and videos after its launch. The webpage always requires good on-page optimization which you like appear in an organic search. The SEO Experts in India like to put light on website design and Meta Tags that is useful for its ranking in searches.

High speed and mobile responsive layout design of each webpage:

The layout design of your website should be mobile-friendly and search engine-friendly. Its content such as text, images, and multimedia must also be user-friendly. It should be readable and watchable and moreover understandable. Do not use invisible text or unreadable font to disguise search engines. Also, do not upload too big images on it that take too much time to download and to be visible clearly. The layout of each webpage of a site has a direct impact on the performance of your site. Nowadays, both Google and user like the high-performance speed of websites through best web designing. It may affect page download speed that should be less than 2 seconds for an e-commerce site. “2 seconds is the threshold for e-commerce website acceptability. At Google, we aim for under a half second”, quoted Maile Ohye, from Google. Moreover, try to use fewer JQuery codes to enhance the speed of your website and eliminate unnecessary code from files of CSS, HTML, and other programming languages. Also, apply other legitimate techniques to reduce the loading time of your site on screens of mobile phones, tablets, and desktops. Test your site at Google’s mobile-friendly test if it is good otherwise work on its design and optimize it further for better performance.

Good Meta tags of each webpage:

Each webpage of your website must also contain a proper title, description, and a few keywords. The titles must be relevant up to 65 characters long, and description may contain around 300 characters nowadays. Never stuff too many keywords in Meta tags and also repetition of keywords. Meta tags are very important for On-Page SEO of a webpage. The tags show the purpose of the webpage to search engines written for online users. It supports search engines to fetch your business information from your website and serve it to the online users who make searches while using the keywords that directly or indirectly liked with your business. The character limit must be taken into account when writing good titles and descriptions. Both titles and descriptions must be relevant to the business of the site. The limit is occasionally changed by the search engines. Apply the current limits that are in trends and running at the time.

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